DNF Duel update brings the holy hammer down on Crusader

dnf duel update patch crusader

Striking down with great vengeance

Nexon’s rad new fighting title DNF Duel has received its first post-release update, bringing a small fistful of important changes to the rule-breakin’ brawler. Now available on both PlayStation and PC, Update 103 brings a couple of much-needed character tweaks as well as adjustments to various modes on PC.

First and foremost, Crusader’s reign of holy error is over, (for the most part), as developer Arc System Works has removed the truthsayer’s devastating “Sacred Upper” infinite combo loop. That’s not to say that Crusader is no longer a threat — dude is a monster — but at least that’s one particularly silly weapon removed from his arsenal.

In addition to this major fix, several other characters have received bug stomps that couldn’t wait for a larger balance check down the line. Grappler’s “Break Down” will now connect on a crouching Enchantress, so no more hiding for the sneaky magical maiden. Striker’s Airwalk has had an adjustment made to its gravity mechanics, while Lost Warrior’s Mysterious Pierce will now interact more consistently when it collides with opposing projectiles. As if that mf’er needed any more help.

On PC, several changes have been made to optimize player interaction with offline modes. Training Mode will no longer be confused when dealing with recorded actions made via custom button layouts, while keyboard players will no longer find themselves randomly isolated from their controls during online matches. In regards to full balance changes and mechanic tweaks, a further major update is expected at some point in the near future.

Don’t buy into the naysaying. DNF Duel is an accessible, silly, and fun fantasy fighter — boasting a fun cast, cool visuals, and tight online play. It is available now on PlayStation and PC platforms.

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