Crusader No Remorse: DNF Duel warrior causing chaos with infinite combo

dnf duel crusader infinite combo arcsys

Striking down with great vengeance and furious anger

Well, I called it — back when I reviewed Nexon’s awesomely fun fighter DNF Duel earlier this week, I distinctly noted that I expected 20 infinite combos to drop within week one, and it seems that a whole host of ’em were found by Day Two, with the holy warrior Crusader being the worst offender.

In videos spreading throughout the FGC like wildfire, the gospel-lovin’ bone-breaker has demonstrated his utterly ridiculous touch-of-death combo, one that can essentially be repeated until the opponent is no more, with no window to break (hence “infinite”). What’s more, while many fighting game infinites are usually very circumstantial, the Crusader combo can be pulled off with relative ease. As long as he has a dot of conversion and decent Mana, then the loop can be started from almost any hit confirm.

And Stop. Hammer Time.

The DNF Duel community is already experiencing a sense of Total Freakout, especially given that this weekend will likely see the new fighter experience its first run of local tourneys. Hold yourself. I’m in no doubt whatsoever that developers Arc System Works/Eighting will stop Crusader’s reign of terror before too long. Other DNF characters — such as the hard-punching Striker and the violent judoka Grappler — have also demonstrated staggering levels of loop-de-loop action, such is the way of DNF‘s highly aggressive and accessible playstyle.

Don’t let this story frighten you away from trying the new release out. It’s a great fighter with a colorful roster and wild, dynamic action. While nobody obviously wants infinites in any fighting title, it is the overall chaos that makes DNF what it is, giving it a distinct identity in a crowded market. Embrace the state of carnage that is the game’s brand.

Yesterday, I saw someone call DNF “The Mario Kart of fighting games” and boy howdy, is that ever a snug fit. DNF Duel is available now on PC and PlayStation platforms.

Chris Moyse
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