Disney making pan-media partnership with Nintendo, according to rumour

Tarzan remake starring Donkey Kong

Disney and Nintendo have never really had a good relationship. Sure there was Epic Mickey, but then Epic Mickey 2 was released on every platform. Then there was Wreck-It Ralph, which ­­only featured a few minor Nintendo cameos, notably Bowser in an non-speaking role. Both companies also release competing figurine collections, Nintendo with the amiibo, and Disney with Disney Infinity. Things have always been a bit shaky between the two childrens’ entertainment giants.

Which is why rumours coming out of GoNintendo are both surprising and exciting. Apparently, the two companies have worked out a deal for various kinds of media which will allow both companies to use the others’ IPs. This comes from the same source who leaked the third wave of amiibo, however it has not given any evidence for the specific new rumour.

This doesn’t mean all your amiibo will work in Disney Infinity 3.0 unfortunately, although Bowser knocking seven hells out of Anakin Skywalker would be awesome. It does mean there’s room for Nintendo characters in the future, as Disney is apparently interested in making a Mario figure for Infinity.

Outside of plastic toys, this could also mean Mario and other Nintendo IPs get a bigger role in the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph 2, and a potential Mario/Mickey crossover game.

According to GoNintendo, Nintendo wants to set the pace for how its IPs are used by Disney.

The source also mentions a potential partnership between Nintendo and Amazon for mobile games, but that’s less interesting seeing as we know Nintendo and DeNA are already working on mobile. Seems like that might be more a simple case of Nintendo wanting its games on the Amazon App Store.

To me, it feels like Disney is more eager about this partnership than Nintendo is, but for the chance of Bowser and Sulley in the same game I’m happy to be recklessly optimistic about the deal.


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