Disney Illusion Island is a co-op platformer with Mickey and pals

Disney Illusion Island

Do a wall-jump, Mickey

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy are setting off on a new adventure for the Nintendo Switch. Disney Illusion Island is a new co-op platformer for Nintendo Switch, starring the Disney pals and arriving sometime in 2023.

Revealed during the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase as part of D23 Expo, Disney Illusion Island looks to be a 2D platformer where players can opt to play as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, or Goofy.

The art style is the same as the current run of Mickey’s animated offerings. But the gameplay seems similar to something like New Super Mario Bros., in the way it has four players navigating the screen together.

Here’s the trailer:

The plot seems to follow the Disney pals helping out a group of adorable furballs who need some help. The team will need to unlock special abilities, solve puzzles, and take on bosses to save the island of Monoth. By retrieving all the books from all the biomes, they can save the day. And maybe run into some cartoon-y hijinks along the way.

Co-op platforming adventures

Disney Illusion Island is in development at Dlala Studios, whose previous work includes the 2020 Battletoads reboot. Although that got some mixed reception, I’m actually pretty interested in Disney Illusion Island.

The newer art style of Mickey, Minnie, and the gang has grown on me. Though that’s probably due in part to some clips making the rounds on social media.

And a chill, family-friendly co-op platformer seems like a decent time too. I could see this being an obvious pick-up for Switch owners with one kids.

As it is now, we’ll see more of what Disney and Dlala have in store sometime in the future. Disney Illusion Island is set for Nintendo Switch in 2023.

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