Disgaea DS and Rhapsody DS voice acting details

The fine folks at Siliconera met up with the Marketing Manager over at NIS America, Jack Niida, to talk a bit about both Disgaea DS and Rhapsody DS. They asked about voice acting in the games, as both titles contain a hefty amount.

“For the voice acting [in Rhapsody DS], we were able to keep all the files, but for the songs, we had to limit it to Japanese version only,” said Niida.

“What happened was that the DS version included new music tracks and we could not get the original voice actors back. Therefore, we either had to change all the voice actors for all the characters or keep the V/O, but use the Japanese music tracks. Many of our fans loved the original actors, so we just could not replace everybody with new actors.”

It appears that the story is the same for Disgaea DS: “All the voice acting is there, but unfortunately, we had to compromise on the dual language and English musical songs. ” 

That’s not so bad. It sounds like NIS made the right decisons. It still never fails to impress me when voices and real music come out of my DS.

Read the rest of the interview for more on things like Prinny commentary in Disgaea DS and updated game play in Rhapsody DS .

Dale North