Dirty Japanese erotica for your Xbox 360: Bad boy, filthy boy, in your bed!

What with the Xbox 360 getting a boost in Japan thanks to a Japanese RPG, perhaps another staple of Japanese gaming culture, dirty ero titles, will help to cement its place. We’ll find out if that can happen when 11eyes: Sin, Damnation and the Atonement Girl hits Eastern 360s. Translated Japanese erotic game names are the best things in the world, by the way.

11eyes revolves around a group of students (always with the students) who flit between the real world and the “red night” where enemies lay in wait to do battle. The PC version of the game has plenty of sex scenes with young girls, just the way Japan likes it, 

If Microsoft can nab itself a few more big-eyed and smutty cartoon high schoolers, it might be able to keep some of its Japanese momentum. In fact, I could probably strike an exclusive distribution deal for the Xbox through Japanator and DickMcVengeance’s extensive …. “art” collection … should The ‘Soft want to talk. We accept cash!

James Stephanie Sterling