Did you think you were getting Persona 5 on the Switch? ‘Cause you’re not

No Yakuza 0 either

With the big Switch event just 10 days away, there are a lot of rumors swirling about what upcoming games might surprisingly land on Nintendo’s new platform. Sega and Atlus are going to nip that in the bud right away.

Here’s Atlus/Sega PR manager John Hardin straight dashing dreams on Twitter:

There you have it. In case there was any doubt, Persona 5 and Yakuza 0 are only showing up on PlayStation platforms — “THAT’S. IT.”

Really, it’d be easier if we could just list what will come to Switch, but that information’s tightly guarded until January 13. Instead, we’ll have to settle for the more arduous and mind-numbing route of listing what won’t or might come to Switch.

Brett Makedonski
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