Diario for the 360: beggars can’t be choosers

When it comes to role-playing games in any console’s launch frame, we know that you can’t be too picky. The problem is that the Xbox 360, a console that has had plenty of time to make big splashes in every other genre’s pool,  still has yet to receive any classic console RPG loving other than this weak release that did little to whet the appetite of seasoned gamers of the genre. And while the promise of Mistwalker’s two beautiful RPGs looms in the distance, there really isn’t much more to look forward to in the near future.

Maybe we can put some hope in Diario, a game just released this week in Japan. A SRPG in every sense (down to being a PS2 port), Diario looks scrumptious enough to almost taste, especially to starved XBOX 360 owners. The official Web site gives us plenty to keep us entertained: check out the trailer (ugh, RAM format) and listen to a couple of free songs from the game.

Apparently the PS2 game was given a spit-shine for the XBOX 360 with improved graphics and load times. Xbox Marketplace content was also added to give gamers new missions to complete.

It’s not certain if Idea Factory ever had plans for bringing Dairio: Rebirth Moon Legend to markets outside Japan. Admittely, console-style JRPGs have little appeal to the typical XBOX 360 user with its FPS-heavy library, but the power of the console lends itself to so many possibilities in other less tapped genres. Gamers spoiled on the high quality visuals of current Xbox 360 offerings might not be able to look past the last-gen graphics, but beggars can’t be choosers, and at least some 360 users out there want a taste of games like this.


also has the trailer in a couple of more friendly video formats.



Dale North