Diablo 4 gets another open beta, encourages players to ‘slam the servers’

The second ‘server slam beta’ starts on May 12

Folks were hoping for an announcement from the Diablo IV April 2023 developer update live stream: and they got it. There’s going to be another beta for D4, and it starts on May 12, 2023.

The official Diablo Twitter account confirmed the news with a simple tweet:

“We’ve heard your feedback, it’s time to visit Sanctuary once more before June. Join the Server Slam, May 12-14”

When is the second Diablo IV beta and what can you do in it?

That “once more”  and “server slam” bits tell us a few things. It seems, without further “feedback” in play, this is the final “we promise” beta period. The official launch is just weeks away on June 6, so there wouldn’t be much time to prep and monitor another beta anyway. The phrase “server slam” also strongly hints that this is primarily a stress test to help the team calibrate for launch (crossed fingers this isn’t D3 again).

Blizzard subsequently tweeted out more info on this second public beta period, noting that you’ll be able to reach level 20, beat Ashava, and earn the Cry of Ashava mount trophy. To think all this was teased earlier this week when that same Twitter account mysteriously alluded to another beta. Hopefully, once June 6 hits we don’t all realize we’re collectively in another beta: but based on how high folks have been riding on the pre-release of Diablo IV, this could be a much sleeker launch than D3.

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