Devolver Digital teases June 12 stream with enigmatic picture of our favorite CSO

What’s E3 without Nina Struthers?

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With the summer season rapidly approaching, publishers are making sure that they have the obligatory live stream all set and ready to go, blasting your eyeballs and ears with their wares scheduled for the coming months… and sometimes years. But of course, you can’t have an E3 without a turn from those rascals over at Devolver Digital, who has announced it will be returning to our screens June 12… Nothing says “punk rock” like making me work on a Saturday.

As a brief refresher, the ongoing saga on Devolver Digital and its incredible figurehead, Nina Struthers, came to an apocalyptic head during E3 2020, Ms. Struthers finally broke free from the corporate control of Devolver Digital CMO Linda Masters and — aided by corporate separatist Margeret Ludlow and various in-house agents — successfully regained control of the future’s future, bringing Masters to a particularly splatteriffic end. Oh, they also showed some games.

What does Devolver has in store for this year’s event? They’re staying tight-lipped, offering only a simple picture of a happier-looking Struthers sat at her surprisingly colorful desk. Eagle-eyed fans have already picked out “Hotline Miami 3” blurred on the background whiteboard, but given Devolver’s rep for knowing tomfoolery, it might not be worth donning your animal mask just yet.

If Devolver follows its previous M.O. we can expect cool indie games, a few surprises, a little bit of lore, and a bucketful of gore. I’m not sure how long the studio can continue this story arc, now in its fourth year, but I dig the hard work and effort that goes into producing a show that goes against the grain of your typical two-hour snoozefest.

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