Devolver has a lot of new games in 2021, but you don’t get to know what they are

Knowledge is power, and you’re powerless

With the most matter-of-fact teases, Devolver has told us that it has a lot up its sleeve next year. That’s it. That’s the post, there’s not really any more information.

Okay, there’s a bit more. Devolver plans to launch five games in 2021 that aren’t yet announced:

Coupled with the six announced titles on Devolver’s website, it seems as though we can expect 11 Devolver games next year — although odds are that number will be added to or subtracted from at some point. 

So, five mystery Devolver games in 2021. They better be Hour, Day, Second (that’s the prequel), Week, and Month.

Brett Makedonski
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