Devil May Cry 5 will run at (upscaled) 4K60FPS on a PS4 Pro

Not native 4K, mind, as the Pro isn’t normally capable of it

Action fans are very particular about framerates, and at this point we have the ability to move past the 1080p60 standard. As we enter the brave 4K world, we now know, thanks to the Devil May Cry 5 development team, that 4K60 will be supported on the PS4 Pro (and possibly the Xbox One X). As Devil May Cry 5 producer Matt Walker plainly explained on Twitter when answering a fan’s inquiry about Pro enhancement: “It will indeed, [email protected] on Pro.” The basic PS4 was previously confirmed to run the game at 1080p60.

It’s important to realize that the PS4 Pro is not typically capable of native 4K gaming for AAA releases, but the news is still good to hear regardless. On the highest settings, the PS4 Pro will still push 60FPS — usually you have to choose between “performance” or “visuals” with a menu option.

To further clarify the whole “it’s not native 4K thing:” As Guerilla Games’ managing director stated back near the launch of the Pro, the way the PS4 outputs an upscaled 4K image in the vast majority of games is due to “magic sauce,” that is “so close that you probably wouldn’t be able to see the difference.” It’s an important distinction for videophiles and for writers that don’t want to get their necks bitten off by “actually” comments.

Matt Walker [Twitter]

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