Devil May Cry 5 has seamless co-op play

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Capcom has shared some of the details for Devil May Cry 5’s online multiplayer. Instead of trying to shoehorn in a competitive mode, the online options will allow for seamless cooperative play with other players online. Taking a page out of Dark Souls, players will occupy a “shared single-play” world that will have echoes of other players walking around. You’ll be able to watch as other people attempt to best enemies, though they won’t have any direct interaction with you.

To get that more cooperative element, you’ll need to partake of some of the new co-op missions. These will be available on certain stages and allow for players to team up with little to no waiting. If there isn’t a player available to match with, you’ll play alongside a recording of someone else. Upon completion of these missions, players will be able to “Like” each other and these likes will translate into orbs that you can use for continues.

Honestly, that sounds pretty harmless. I didn’t think Capcom would be putting a superfluous mode in, but the execution of asynchronous multiplayer in Dark Souls was one of that game’s biggest charms. If Devil May Cry can pull it off well, this could end up being a real treat.

Update: Here’s a video of three-player co-op in action.

Devil May Cry 5 Has A Dark Souls-Like Online Element Called Shared Single Play [Siliconera]

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