Devil Kings was utter garbage, so here’s some Devil Kings 2 info

As the obsessive Dynasty Warriors fan I am, I make it a point to check out each and every game that copies Koei’s formula, to see if anybody does what Koei doesn’t and actually improves the idea of the ‘beat-em-all’ gameplay style. So far, the results have been disappointing — Drakengard and Spartan: Total Warrior were both awful, while Capcom’s Devil Kings was so bad I felt raped every time I finished playing it.

It didn’t help that the game had been totally ruined in between its transition from Japan, where it was called Sengoku Basara, to the western territories. In Japan, the story is set in the country’s feudal era and had twice as many characters based on Japanese history. By the time it hit the States, the roster was halved and the game was set in some made-up place with characters renamed to things like Devil King and Red Minotaur. It made me cringe. Somehow though, the game was deemed good enough to warrant a sequel, and so Famitsu has some details on the new characters of Sengoku Basara 2.

Our very own Dick McVengeance translated the page for me to get the new character names. Hit the jump for that and check out the screens on Famitsu. I mean, if you care.

Nobody cares.

“Wind Demon Kotarou”
-Weapon: Ninja sword
-Voice actor: N/A
“Hyoujou Ujimasa”
-Weapon: Spear
-Voice actor: Miyazawa Tadashi
“Imagawa Yoshimoto”
-Weapon: Fan
-Voice actor: Kozo Shioya
“Honganji Kennyo”
-Weapon: Giant Ring
-Voice actor: Shinichi Kotani
“Ieyasu Tokugawa”
-Weapon: Spear

-Voice actor: Toru Ohkawa

James Stephanie Sterling