Developer walkthrough on God of War: Chains of Olympus

Ru Weerasuriya, game directer for Chains of Olympus gives us a little walkthrough of one of the early levels from the game, Battle of Attica. Kratos has been sent by the Gods to protect Attica from the Persian invasion. What’s amazing to me is watching everything that’s going on in the first part of the video. Not only are you fighting a bunch of enemies, but there is a ton of detail going on in the background. It’s still hard for me to believe that this is a freaking PSP game. The clip then goes on to the next scene which has been shown off plenty of times before — and one of my favorites parts.

I did have about five minutes of hands-on with this game at E3 and picked up right at the point where the Cyclops burst through the door to my surprise. Then the Basilisk comes out of nowhere and eats the Cyclops! At the end of the boss battle, the Basilisk runs aways and starts to create havoc on the city. According to Ru, the more time it takes you to kill the Basilisk, the more destruction it will cause on the city. The video ends with some footage of the next boss fight with the Persian King — which you can watch in full right after the jump.This is just the full battle with the Persian King. If you screw up the button timings, the king will regain almost half of his health and the battle will continue on. This looks like a very simple boss fight and of all the weapons at Kratos’s disposal, he uses a f*cking box to finish off the Persian King. Um, wut

All in all, this looks like a very good reason to finally own a PSP … unless they end up porting it to the PS2 cough*GTA Vice City Stories*cough

[Thanks, Justin!] 

Hamza Aziz