(Update) Punk-rock RPG brawler Detained: Too Good for School is now live on Kickstarter

Irresponsible Schoolgirl Simulator

[Update: Detained: Too Good for School is now live on Kickstarter. Stretch goals include language localization and console ports. O.T.K Games is looking for a funding goal of around $14,000 USD. Go check it out, looks rad!]

Publisher Thermite Games, alongside indie outfit O.T.K., (of The Vagrant fame), has announced plans to open a crowdfunding campaign for a new hyper-kinetic RPG/brawler. Detained: Too Good for School is currently in development for PC, and will be looking for contributions on Kickstarter very soon.

Described as an “Irresponsible Schoolgirl Simulator”, Detained will tell the tale of a young gal sent to juvenile hall for a crime that she did not commit. After serving hard time, our young hero returns to her place of learning, with plans to teach those who sullied her bad name a lesson they will sorely regret. Get to know your fellow pupils, make friends and allies, raise a lot of hell, bust some fuckin’ heads, and soon you’ll find out who set you up and exact delicious vengeance.

While most of the title’s action will be of the brawling variety, Detained will also feature a ton of side-quests and distractions. Players can take part-time jobs to earn cash, visit the gym to build up their moveset, visit the local shopping district for some retail therapy, or chill out with pals in the library. Detained will also feature a selection of potential romances, with your significant other also becoming a trusted ally on the battlefield. Beware who you befriend and who you antagonize, however, as your actions will matter in this twisted tale, which offers over 10 different endings.

While comparisons to a certain excellent brawler are inevitable, I think Detained is looking pretty rad, and right up my alley. I gotta admit I’m cringing hard at a certain element of the lead character’s design — it’s embarrassing, frankly — but with good scripting, a cool cast of characters, and deep, engaging fight mechanics, Detained: Too Good for School could prove to be a very wild ride and we’ll be sure to give you a heads-up once the Kickstarter campaign finally goes live.

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