Destructoid wants to know: What’s your dream gaming contest prize?

Big video card? New TV? Next Gen? All?

Questions for you. Let’s say, you know … hypothetically, Destructoid will be giving away a $3000-$5000 giveaway this holiday season.  What would the ideal prize be?

Does your tender heart lust for an RTX 3090 (or is that just a crazy CPU bottleneck), or a full-on PS5 with every accessory and launch game, and/or the new Xbox Part Deux X? Maybe one of those newfangled LG 120Hz 4K TVs?  Or if you are outside the continental US, take the whole prize pot as cash (or have the option to decide later and pay down your college loan out of guilt?). Would you rather see us give away something else instead?

Are contests where one-winner-takes all more interesting to you, or are you more likely to care if there’s 20 winners and the prize is less fabulous but easier to win?

What would you be willing to do to win it? Inquiring marketing lords want to know! 

Holler. Especially if you participated in another contest somewhere else recently, what advice would you give a person in the position to potentially make one person’s wildest dreams come true?  WHAT MOVES YOUR LOINS, MAN?

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