Destructoid Network: This week’s finest

Did you know the Destructoid Network is slowly taking over the world? Well, you should have. But, just in case you took this week off by basking in the sun, here’s a wrap up of the top stories taking place amongst the Destructoid Network.

Destructoid Top Five:

PlayStation 3 for $10!
Final Fantasy’s Toshio Tsuchida stabs turn based battles in the face
The 8-bit death montage
Destructoid interview: Talking Crackdown with developer Real Time Worlds
Is the Wii going to get any better?

Japanator Top Five:

Boy gets stuck in drain, police stupified.
Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show
American Anime Awards Award Japanese Anime. Wait. What?
Podtoid-san 2, now with 50% less audio problems!
Prepare your wallets, Suzumiya Haruhi is coming in May

NextLust Top Five:

Yeah! Just what we need, a 4th DVD format.
Photoshop to go online for the price of… nothin’
Office toys: A-block-olypse now
WI-FI TV + kids + car = happy parents
Communist science creates pigeon cyborgs, somehow still no cure for cancer

Robert Summa