Destructoid Network: This week’s finest 06/17/07

Oh hi! Another week has been finished here on the Destructoid Network and it has been a great one at that. Japanator broke the 1,000,000 hits this past week. Can’t wait for the 1 year party in Tokyo! Jtor also has given us a preview of Anime Expo. Donate blood and you’ll get free Pocky!

On the tech side, the biggest piece of news from NextLust was the fact that you’ll have to pay for an iTunes account to utilize the iPhone properly.

Finally, there were some great stories in the community blog’s. We got a sneak peak at a new writer coming aboard and there’s also a story by me and my perverted wish to have sex with an anime character!

Which one’s were your favorite this week? 

Destructoid’s Top 5:
Sega Sammy executive is skeptical of Nintendo’s prolonged success.
The end, my friend: the difficulty in creating an awesome ending to a videogame.
Half-Life 2: Orange Box dated.
Soul Calibur IV teaser trailer is a real tease.
Tons of new Rock Band deets; Nex thoroughly approves.

Japanator’s Top 5:
Happy 1,000,000 Japanator readers time!
Doki Doki Majo Shinpan trailer makes its way to the internets.
Anime Expo will now remove your blood for Pocky.
Hajime no Ippo: Wii boxing with a touch of Yaoi.
Podtoid-san 17: Real life edition.

NextLust’s Top 5:
NEC Multisync 20 series is all HDTV.
Sony unleashes memory card reader for all 17 formats.
Microsoft drops a bomb on the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray camps. Hilarity and war ensue.
If you want to use your precious iPhone, you must have an awesome iTunes account.
Apple offers famed Mac browser Safari to Windows users. Someone, somewhere might actually care.

Community Blog’s Top 5: 
Games you never finished … and don’t know why!
I Promise I’m Cool.
I want to have sex with Motoko Kusanagi.
How Talented Are You With Your MOUTH?
The etiquette of blogging.

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