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I Promise I'm Cool

Hey, everyone! My name's Leigh and I'm gonna be joining the staff here at Destructoid. I'm pretty excited about this-- after all, Destructoid is cool, so if I'm joining up, I must be cool, too-- right? Oh, sweet salve of acceptance, healing the burns of my dark, dark past.

I've got tons of fab ideas for new, fresh, blow-your-doors-off content. And I'll tell you about them! But not right now, because, uh... well, suffice it to say I've got lots of ideas. Freaking LOTS.Yup... I'm just brimming with the, uh... promise of a new day. Or something.

Anyway, I'm currently going through top-secret, sacred Destructoid initiation rites. Expect me to officially join the team and start posting as soon as I can get these blindfolds off and these little spears of animal bone out of my nipples. And, you know, being forced to survive in a basement without any water or food isn't as bad as you might think. It's cool; I'm OK. I'm sure I'll make it.

So, just saying hey-- if you wanna get a feel for my flava, check out my blog at http://sexyvideogameland.blogspot.com. I look forward to touching each one of you intimately and making meaningful spiritual connections or something like that.
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About Leigh Alexanderone of us since 6:34 AM on 06.14.2007

I'm a game writer, which means I spend all day in a bacchanal of fabulous nerdiness. My fave games are Ys I & II, Phantasy Star 2 (!!) old Sonic (not the emo RPG crap), anything on Turbo Grafx, Zelda, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame (pretty much all survival-horror), most Final Fantasy, Shadow Hearts, RPGs that don't suck (are there any?) and for my gentle side, I like me some Katamari and Harvest Moon. I got a little blog at https://sexyvideogameland.blogspot.com. Hearts for Destructoid!