Destructoid invades Toronto, Canada for Microsoft’s X07

Europe may be missing out on the Microsoft love this year, but Canada is set for a full ’round-the-world package this Tuesday, August 28th, when X07 hits the city of Toronto with full force.

Previously, word had hit the gaming industry that Microsoft’s yearly X07 event had been cancelled in Europe, but somehow the remaining Canadian X07 event managed to remain under the radar until only a couple of weeks ago. Lucky for us, Destructoid always has its collective ears to the ground, and we managed to score a few media invites to this exclusive, holiday games preview.

Microsoft plans for X07 to be a small event to demo the upcoming holiday line-up from the Microsoft Games Studio, as well as third party developers Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, and Activision for both the Xbox 360 and PC.

Expect hands-on game previews, goofy pictures, possible swag, and the guaranteed taunting of demo booth employees from myself and our two devoted Dtoid Army members, Johnny Wadd and CosbyTron.

I will promise to take pictures of us jumping Xbox Canada’s Jade. Her avatar looks totally hot.