Do you find enough time to play all of the games you want to?

Cblogs of 5/29 to 6/4/2021

Shibboletho writes about the struggles of limited time to play video games and how that creates a wish for a non-existent “perfect” game that will be a perfect utilization for that spent time.

Shoggoth2588 unveils June’s Band of Bloggers prompt which will be about Character Customization in games.

Zalno features the game that protected his sanity during the COVID-19 isolation.

Cygnus Rush 961 responds to May’s Band of Bloggers prompt by writing about the photo mode in some famous racing games.

Siflox Gaming reviews Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch.

Black Red Gaming highlights their most anticipated game releases in June.

Shoggoth2588 shares their May 2021 gaming journal.

Egg&Brewsterjr writes about the original Castle of Illusion and its surprising PC Remake.

Mr Knives thinks the best part about E3 is the many rumors around it.

Black Red Gaming reviews Biomutant on the PC.

PhilsPhindings discusses the similarities between the soundtrack of Battletoads and the music of Cheryl Lynn.

Mik3y discusses their favorite Star Wars game and comic series.

ABowlOfCereal continues making balancing suggestions for Guardian Tales, this time focusing on the Warrior class.

ChronoLynxx┬áopens this week’s TGIF community forum.

Thanks to our readers for the great blogs and to Lord Spencer for providing us with the recap. We really appreciate how many of you wrote for our Cblogs even during this turbulent week on site. Normal service will be resumed ASAP, and we intend to continue both recaps and front page promotions going forward, your words are always valued!

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