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My personal favorite Star Wars game and comic book series and Why


First, My favorite star wars game is and always be Star war Knights of the Old Republic. This game is amazing from the second you start, to the second it ends. The planets, the beginning planet felt so alive with sith troopers patrolling the streets, the gangs underground, and the many unforgettable characters you meet, from young characters like Mission Vao to experienced Jedi like Bastilla Shan and a republic war hero like Carth Onasi, and so many more. Though the decisions in the game marked as important due to the Light and Dark side choices changing facial colors if you choose to follow the dark side, I always chose the dark side solely because of the amazing dark side powers, let me mention that you can choose to purchase these powers for on a skill lineup but if you are full light side then when you use dark side powers it will cost like 90% of your force meter, so I prefer to play as a dark side with a red double-bladed lightsaber and all dark side powers. Though the ending scene can be drastically different if you choose light or dark. I will not spoil anything, I believe everyone should try this game it truly is amazing.

Now for my comic book series of choice might surprise many, it is rather new, and it is Star Wars The High Republic a new era of star wars caught my eye immediately, new characters that you can really find importance in them once you pass the first few pages. Some planets are rather new to Star Wars and every story is new, exciting and you will always be entertained and always be memorable once you get past the first of 5 (comic book series 1-5) you will might not be able to stop you might probably end up like me an go to StarWars.com to find out when the next edition is coming out. My favorite characters are the ceret and terec brothers who are identical and created based on nothing else in the star wars universe, they are just as independent as the whole The High Republic series, they even changed the hilt of almost every lightsaber to make them look new. This is an amazing comic book series like Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic if your a star wars fan you should check these out.


- May the Force be with you. Always

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