Destructoid and GameTrailers TV hold hands and talk about the future

I never know how to handle these “appearance” posts. I don’t want to look like a tool by writing all about me (look , I’m on T.V.!), but at the same time, I don’t want to miss out on an opportunity to promote the legitimacy of Destructoid. See, it is already all about me. Ugh. Damn you, double-edged sword!

So, instead, I am just going to fill space by telling everyone how much I love them. Community, you are awesome. Fellow editors, you are the bee’s knees. All the folks at GameTrailers TV, you are some of the coolest people ever (with extra props to producer Jeremy Hoffman and host Geoff Keighley). And scarecrow Niero, you are the most amazing of them all.

I hope I did okay representing the robot on last night’s prediction-filled show. If you missed it, you can check out the whole thing above (or download it on Xbox Live Marketplace). Do you agree with my mad ramblings? What do you think will be the big games of 2008? Are you as mad as I am at Marcus Beer for making fun of the greatness that is Pikmin? *showing dolphin army a picture of Mr. Beer* ATTACK!

Chad Concelmo