Destiny’s ‘Triumph’ system requires a lot of work for a stupid reward

‘Year One’ fans suffered a beta phase

Having played and conquered every bit of Destiny for almost a year now, it’s clear to me that the game was shipped as a beta. Bungie has provided a number of great quality-of-life updates, but the last House of Wolves expansion, which didn’t even come with a raid, really soured me on the entire experience. Now, Bungie is offering a special reward for “Year One” players who finish “Triumphs,” before September 9 — the game’s first anniversary.

To finish the Triumph circle, you need to complete 50 public events, beat the core game and both expansions, win 100 PVP matches, find all the golden chests, and defeat every current dungeon/raid on Hard. For a casual player, that’s actually kind of tough — but I logged in last night to find out that I had completed it (the above is a generic placeholder picture from the site). So what do I get?

An emblem. Great!

While I’m not incredibly upset at a free in-game reward that didn’t have to exist, I have to say that Bungie hasn’t done right by fans at all. It sold them two expansions with the promise that things would improve, and if anything, a lot of aspects of the game have been downgraded in recent months, or have gotten worse (content and bank space to name a few).

Between this and the multiple Taken King expansion blunders, a lot of fans probably won’t even want Destiny 2.

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