Destiny’s next big add-on, Rise of Iron, lands on September 20

Name and date look to be confirmed

We’re one day away from Bungie’s official reveal of the next (and possibly final) Destiny expansion, but we already know plenty about it. Its rumored name is finally corroborated by the official Destiny site, which outs its release date as well.

It seems as though Destiny‘s Rise of Iron expansion will launch on September 20, as indicated by this posting on the right-hand side of the front page of Destiny‘s website. We’ve taken a screencap in case Activision and/or Bungie wises up and edits it. The listing mentions a trailer, but it currently links through to a video for the Taken King DLC.

Whether the leaks are intentional or not is anyone’s guess. Bungie’s holding a livestream tomorrow to formally announce the add-on, its release date, and more. That “and more” is probably worth tuning into, as there will surely be some sort of granular details that Destiny fans want to know about. For those who just want the what and when, well, now you have it.

Destiny [Destiny]

Brett Makedonski
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