Destiny’s big 2016 expansion will be revealed in one week’s time

June 9, mark your calendars

Before all the big news is revealed at E3 this year, we’ll already have our short-term expectations for Destiny. Three days before EA and Bethesda hold their press conferences and kick off E3 proper, Bungie is announcing Destiny‘s 2016 expansion.

On June 9 at 10am Pacific — one week from today — Bungie is hosting a livestream to show off the game’s large expansion for 2016. It’ll take place on the developer’s Twitch channel. If last month’s leak is true, it’ll be titled Rise of Iron.

This may be the final significant add-on to Destiny. Activision has recently told investors that a Destiny sequel is slated for 2017, meaning that Bungie’s focus will soon be pointed at the new game. If that’s the case, Destiny should go out with a bang as this is rumored to be bigger than both the year-one expansions.

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Brett Makedonski
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