Destiny 2’s PC beta starts at the end of this month

Dinklebot not included

Those eager to get some early Destiny 2 gameplay going will be delighted to know that the PC beta for Bungie’s sci-fi space opera will be held from August 29 through 31. If you pre-order the game through, you can get an extra day of game time to test out the sequel. The beta will include the very first mission of the game, the co-op Strike “Inverted Spire” and two maps for PvP action.

Along with that information, Nvidia has released a 4K trailer of the game to showcase its graphical prowess. The beta, itself, will feature uncapped framerates, a large selection of adjustable settings and even 21:9 ultra-widescreen monitor support. Sounds like a proper PC port, at least.

Since this is an open beta, you won’t need to sign-up ahead of time to participate. Just launch and download the client on August 29 and you’re good to go. While I don’t personally care for Destiny, I might give this a go to see how smooth the PC version runs. One of my biggest gripes with the original game was its locked 30 FPS framerate, which just made the game seem rather slow.

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.