Destiny 2’s launch trailer has arrived a little bit early

This little light of mine

Nevermind the fact that Destiny 2 is two weeks (and change) away from a proper release. The folks at Activision who were in charge of vanguarding this trailer had itchy trigger fingers. As such, we have Destiny 2‘s launch trailer well before the game’s actual launch.

Semantics aside, Earth has a real problem, and it’s this Ghaul fella and his Red Legion army. The Destiny wikia lists Ghaul at 8’1″ and 800lbs. Uh, sign him up to be an offensive lineman on my favorite football team, please!

I’m kidding of course. Ghaul is probably evil incarnate and there’s no room for bad characters in the NFL (sitcom pause to wait for laughing to die down). Besides, Ghaul has bigger fish to fry. He’s out to rebuild Cabal society and take the Light for himself. You Guardians got your work cut out for you.

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