Latest Destiny 2: Lightfall trailer highlights its Strand subclasses

Destiny 2 Lightfall

Defining a strand game

Destiny 2 heads to Neptune with the Lightfall expansion later this month. Today, Bungie is going into a little more detail about the string-like new power Guardians will be using there, also known as Strand.

In a new trailer, Bungie spotlights the three new subclasses for Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks arriving as part of Destiny 2: Lightfall. The Strand powers each vocation in different ways, ranging from high mobility to summoning lots of little guys to wreak havoc.

The Bungie blog goes into more detail, highlighting each of these subclasses. There is some universal terminology, though, when it comes to weaving the Strand power. Creating an object using the Strand is weaving, and killing an enemy affected by Strand will unravel them, creating a Tangle. These Tangles can be blown up with a shot for area damage, or picked up and thrown by Guardians.

Additionally, there are a few debuffs to know: Suspend lifts enemies off the ground, Unravel will cause threads to rip out of a target and spread to others, and Sever rips enemies from the world, reducing their damage.

Rip, weave, tear

As for the classes, Warlocks get to pick up the Broodweaver profession, spawning explosive Threadling minions from the Strand. They’ll run around and leap onto enemies, exploding to cause extra damage. Plus, Warlocks can chain together Arcane Needles, threading the projectile through foes.

Hunters can become Threadrunners, leaning into the mobility of the Strand. The Threaded Spike lets Hunters whip a rope dart around, empowering their melee energy. And Titans can lean into their inner warrior with the Berserker subclass. Leaning into “wild, untamed power,” it’s all about doing damage and severing enemies. Seems like a good specialization for those who love to get right in the middle of things.

All three Strand subclasses arrive as part of Destiny 2: Lightfall on February 28, 2023.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter