Destiny 2: Lightfall heads to a neon Neptune next February

Bear witness to the next step in Destiny 2

The next Destiny 2 expansion will take Guardians to a city dripping with neon. Destiny 2: Lightfall drops on February 28, 2023.

Revealed during today’s showcase, Lightfall is the next big story expansion for Destiny 2, bringing the fight to Neomuna on Neptune. It’s a city that’s got some serious Cyberpunk and Far Cry: Blood Dragon vibes, drenched in neon. There are even arcade machines.

No time for games though, as Calus and his army is invading the city as part of his alliance with the Witness. To deal with his horde, Guardians will be picking up a new tool: the Strand.

A new strand game

Strand is the newest Guardian power, accessing power from the Darkness. It weaves matrices and, from the looks of it, will let Guardians do sick hooks and swings around the city.

The Strand functions as both a mobility tool and damage output, letting players fling themselves around levels and then annihilate some enemies. Titans wield claws, for example, while the Hunter can whip out a rope dart and swing it around.

Getting on board

Bungie also announced today that it’s working on ways to better onboard new players. Guardian Ranks are coming to Destiny 2 alongside Lightfall, acting as a way to show off a player’s experience while encouraging them to teach others to play.

A Fireteam Finder is also on the way, letting players create their own groups without having to seek out LFG options outside of Destiny 2.

Commendations will let players give accolades to teammates, commending them for good play, leadership, and being a good teammate.

Destiny 2 is getting a mod manager and loadout system with Lightfall as well, so players can set loadouts and save them. Hopefully, this makes it easier to swap between, say, PvP and PvE-focused builds.

Even more is on the way in the short term, as the Season of Plunder gets underway in Destiny 2, leading up to the expansion. Destiny 2: Lightfall drops on February 28, 2023.

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