Destiny 2 kicks off ‘Season of the Drifter’ this month

It’ll run through May, then the Season of Opulence starts in June

We already knew the second (of three) season was on the way for Destiny 2‘s “Year Two” post-Forsaken world, but thanks to a roadmap rundown and developer video we have a better idea of what it entails.

New exotic quests, lore bits and a raid (eventually) are on the way, but the biggest addition is “Gambit Prime,” which is basically a more focused Gambit (the PVE/PVP combo mode introduced in the last Forsaken expansion). Bungie says it’ll be more role-focused and will have special armor sets to boot. It’ll also sport two new maps (taking place on Mars and Titan).

As a reminder, the “Season of the Forge” began in December, with premium events as part of the season pass. That ended in February in favor of swapping over to the aforementioned Drifter season, which runs through May. After that the Season of Opulence begins in June through August. Bungie hasn’t announced what the future of Destiny 2 (or Destiny 3) is looking like after that, but as is customary we may get more information at E3.

Chris Carter
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