Destiny 2 is back online and accounts are rolled back following a catastrophic bug

‘It’s handled’ – Olivia Pope

Yesterday, Destiny 2‘s Update 2.7.1 caused a whole ‘lotta problems. After folks applied the update and logged in they noticed a ton of their hard-earned currencies and achievements were just gone, and Bungie acted fairly quickly to ensure that the community didn’t descend into utter chaos.

Shortly after realizing the bug, Bungie shut down Destiny 2 to investigate. It took roughly half a day to fix, but it was fixed nonetheless, and all characters were rolled back to where they were at 8:30AM PT yesterday, before the bug. That means that players who were online between that time and 10:20AM PT had roughly two hours of progress wiped.

While Bungie has been known to whiff when it comes to handling situations of varying importance, they nailed it here. The issue was reported, they took the game down to prevent it from happening again and gave their players timely updates. Now it seems like it’s time for cleanup, as some players are still reporting missing items.

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