Design a Perk for Fallout 3, win cool prizes

In appreciation for the Fallout series (which celebrates its 10th anniversary today), Bethesda are holding a “Design a Perk” contest over at the official Fallout 3 Web site. The winner will have his or her Perk included in Fallout 3, and will win their choice of a PC or console grand prize game pack. 

The PC pack includes fancy stuff like a video card (ATI or NVIDIA); a Logitech keyboard, mouse, and sound system; and a bunch of Fallout 3 scwhag (including a lunch box, Vault Boy bobblehead, t-shirt, etc). Console hungry Perk creators will win an Xbox 360, a Logitech sound system, and the aforementioned Fallout goodies.

Bethesda are also giving away a whole bunch crap (video cards, Fallout gear, etc) to those who come up with Perks that are almost good enough, but not quite. So let’s get to it guys; the contest only runs through the end of October. Someone get over there and create a Destructoid perk, stat.

Nick Chester