Demon’s Turf gets free Tower DLC March 6

Demon Turf review art

The tower of power

3D platformer Demon’s Turf is expanding its territory with some free DLC on March 6.

The Tower expansion will see Beebz stripped of her powers by a malicious Jester, and to get them back, she’ll need to climb to the top of a tower. The DLC adds “rogue-lite-esque” gameplay by means of a series of challenges that you’ll need to topple in a single attempt, lest you’re sent back to the beginning to start over. Unlike your typical rogue-lite, the tower isn’t randomized, and you’ll get permanent new powers as you climb higher. The tower itself is one stated to be “one huge level” with no loading zones. On top of this are new story elements with familiar and new characters.

Alongside the DLC, Fabraz and Playtonic Friends will be holding a contest that will dole out rewards for anyone who can accomplish a variety of feats that prove they’ve got beefier thumbs than the others. This includes being the first to topple the tower, getting the fastest run to the top, or beating the tower on “hex mode.” I’ll drop the details below.

Demon's Turf Contest

I mostly let Demon’s Turf drop off my radar after my initial review of it. It just didn’t click with me. However, it did better with some people who are less curmudgeonous than I am, so if it sounds rad to you, this DLC might be the non-dairy coffee whitener that you need to give it a taste.

Demon’s Turf is available on PC, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5. The Tower DLC will be dropping March 6, 2023.


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