Demigod goes gold, Collector’s Edition gets unboxed

Admit it, you’ve sped home after purchasing a hotly anticipated game and proceeded to pour the box’s contents all over your floor like a sugar-crazed child who just smashed his way through a pinata. The folks at Stardock can relate, as their picture for the Collector’s Edition of Demigod looks exactly like the scene I described.

Debuting on April 14, the Collector’s Edition contains a poster, the Demigod soundtrack, and a Rook figure. It’s priced at a reasonable $49.95, while the Standard Edition is an affordable $39.95. In case you actually cared, the game has also gone gold. Can you feel the excitement?

Above all, I must compliment the person who came up with Demigod‘s box art; I’m really digging the sleek style.

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