Demean your wretched selves for an Xbox 360 and Soulcalibur IV swag

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again — I have yet another Xbox 360 to give away thanks to my friends at Rocket XL, and a Destructoid fanbase that I want to give it to. This time, the contest celebrates the release of Soulcalibur IV and we have a main prize, plus two runner-up prizes:

1st prize: XBOX 360, SC IV faceplate (for XBOX 360), SC IV game, and SC IV shirt
2nd prize: SC IV game (system of their choice) and SC IV shirt
3rd prize: SC IV shirt

As ever, Destructoid gives good gifts, but we always want a little something in return, preferably involving your dignity. This time around, it’s very simple — cosplay. That’s right, you lucky dogs. I want photographs, the more demeaning and pathetic the better, of you — that’s YOU — in a Soulcalibur IV-themed costume. 

Use this post’s thread to post a picture of yourself in a Soulcalibur IV costume while holding an “also cocks” sign for proof for your chance to win these lovely prizes. Contest runs to the end of the month — that’s July 31. You have plenty of time to gather some gear, a camera, and a trash can for your self-respect. But before I sign off, I have some great news:

This contest is WORLDWIDE. Yes, Mr. Destructoid has heard the pleas of non-US residents and we’ve arranged with Rocket XL to foot the bill for any international shipping. Hey, I wouldn’t dare incur the wrath of my countrymen on a third 360 giveaway, would I? Good luck to all involved, be you American or not.

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