Deflector pulse or Shields up in Star Trek Resurgence?

Deflector pulse or Shields up in Star Trek Resurgence

First day on the job

One of the first decisions you’ll make is how to defend the ship from a powerful ionic storm. Two of your crewmates provide insight. Your decision will affect Jara’s relationships as you figure out whether to use the Deflector pulse or shields up Star Trek Resurgence. Here’s everything you need to know.

Should you bring the shields up in Star Trek Resurgence?

Shields up in Star Trek Resurgence
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Jara is introduced as the First Officer on the U.S.S. Resolute, and one of your first acts as this leader is to use a Deflector pulse or raise the shields up in Star Trek Resurgence. The Integrity Field has been lowered for maintenance on the ship, but a wave of the ionic storm comes at the most inopportune time. Lieutenant Bedrosian (who is a fan of your work) and the less friendly Commander Westbrook will provide you with these two options.

Both options end with the same result. However, the characters’ trust in you will change. Commander Westbrook would appreciate you more as First Officer if you accept his Deflector pulse option. Lieutenant Bedrosian will like you more if you choose her option. This decision will be referenced during future discussions with the characters and could be a factor when a vital plot point arises.

Blow the bolts or Reverse polarity?

Blow the bolts or reverse polarity
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Later on in this intense introduction, there will be a decision that pits you against the crew or Captain Solano. The ionic storm causes a docking clamp to break apart. If a second clamp comes off, it will rip through the hull. If you blow the bolts, you’d be following the Captain’s order but you’ll upset the crew. However, if you reverse the polarity of the clamp, the crew will be happy but the Captain will be angry at Jara’s ignored orders.

Unfortunately, the same events occur after this decision. Trophy and achievement hunters will be rewarded, on the other hand, for following different choices in multiple Star Trek Resurgence playthroughs.

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