All Star Trek Resurgence voice actors

Star Trek Resurgence voice actors

A brilliant crew

Every Star Trek crew needs a talented cast. And the cast for Star Trek Resurgence brings suitably engaging performances. Your characters will frequently find themselves in mortal danger, and the cast is fantastic at building drama and tension in the player. Here are all of the Star Trek Resurgence voice actors.

Be warned, however: There may be some spoilers.

Star Trek Resurgence cast list

Star Trek Resurgence cast list
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The canon multicultural crew of the U.S.S. Resolute is voiced by a marvelous set of actors. They help relieve some of the bugs that Star Trek Resurgence suffers with. From Hercules’ Josh Keaton to Barry’s Krizia Bajos, here’s the entire Star Trek Resurgence voice actors list:

  • Krizia Bajos – Jara
  • Josh Keaton – Carter
  • Piotr Michael – Spock
  • Stephanie Sheh – Edsilar
  • Jim Meskimen – Captain Solano and Arminta
  • Abby Trott – Miranda
  • Ali Hillis – Bedrosian
  • Amanda C Miller – Tylas
  • Bumper Robinson – Calloway
  • Elias Toufexis – Galvan
  • JP Karliak – Chovak
  • Keith Silverstein – Westbrook and Sidron
  • Liam O’Brien – Urmott
  • Robbie Daymond – Handar and Kapoor
  • Roger Craig Smith – Crew Member 4, Security Officer, and Tkon Guard
  • Victoria Atkin – Itasca

There aren’t any top Hollywood stars in Star Trek Resurgence, but they all give enduring performances while you play the game. The characters actually look like their voice actors, so you never know; they might show up in a live-action TV series! Resurgence is canon, according to the game’s PR representative. There are multiple endings in the game, however, so it will be debated which will be classed as the official conclusion to the game.

Returning Star Trek Resurgence actors

Surprisingly Ambassador Spock returns in Star Trek Resurgence, but Leonard Nimoy has unfortunately passed away. Piotr Michael embodies the character, however, remarkably. However, there are three Star Trek actors that have returned. Debra Wilson, who played Captain Trij in Star Trek Prodigy, is the ship’s doctor Duvall, and the Hotari Queen in Resurgence. 

Mark Rolston was Lieutenant Walter Pierce in Star Trek: The Next Generation. However, his role in Resurgence is Portal 63, a character previously portrayed by Darryl Henriques. Additionally, Julian Grossman returns as the Ship’s Computer.

Last but not least, Jonathan Frakes reprises his role as Captain William Riker. It’s a brief, but important cameo, which takes place as Jara seeks advice from the experienced Starfleet Captain.

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