Dee Jay and T. Hawk could be coming to Street Fighter IV

Curious users probing the Street Fighter IV benchmark tool’s files have found something mysterious: announcer audio files for T. Hawk and Dee Jay. These two fighters have been long-rumored to hit Street Fighter IV as downloadable content. But they may have also been included in early development, thus what people are finding now could be nothing more than stray data.

In late May, Capcom’s Seth Killian tried to silence the character DLC rumblings. “No plans for additional DLC right now,” Killian said. “We want the core to be a completely functional package, and character DLC could split the user-base.”

His word choice is particularly interesting when you consider the PC version of Street Fighter IV as a unique release. If these guys were included in the retail package, there’s no user-base splitting: Dee Jay and T.Hawk would simply be two additional characters.

We’ve asked Capcom about this and we’ll definitely let you know when we get a response to our questions. While we wait, let’s discuss how dumb T.Hawk is. Seriously. He’s an adult who pretends to attack like an eagle (or whatever).

[via Giant Bomb]

Brad BradNicholson