December’s Xbox Game Pass headliners are Among Us, Code Vein, and Man of Medan

It all starts today

Yesterday, we learned that Skyrim was joining the Xbox Game Pass family. It was only a matter of time! But this morning, Microsoft shared the full December rundown of what’s on the docket for December.

Today, we’re getting Mørkredd, but once December 15 hits, the main events start to roll out. Skyrim is coming on December 15, but two days later we’re getting Among Us, Code Vein, Man of Medan, and a few other selections. Again, it’s an insanely good spread! There’s full-on open world RPGs, a party game, an anime vampire action romp, and a horror adventure.

This train is going to keep rolling. Microsoft just re-confirmed a few big Game Pass games the other day, and it will be a huge part of their strategy going forward for this entire generation. I know people who picked up a Series X/S and are basically just rolling with Game Pass, making their way through over a decade of classics. It’s a pretty chill way to spend the holidays!

You can find the full list of December Xbox Game Pass offerings below.

 Week of December 7:

  • MørkreddDecember 11 (Android, Console and PC)

Week of December 14:

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, December 15 (Android and Console)
  • Among Us, December 17 (PC)
  • Beholder: Complete Edition, December 17 (Android and Console)
  • Code Vein, December 17 (Android and Console)
  • The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan, December 17 (PC)
  • Monster Train, December 17 (Console)
  • MotoGP 20, December 17 (Android, Console and PC)
  • My Friend Pedro, December 17 (Android)
  • Neoverse, December 17 (Android and Console)
  • Wilmot’s Warehouse, December 17 (Console and PC)
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