Deathverse: Let It Die is also coming to PC

Deathverse: Let It Die PC

The PvPvE survival battle arena game won’t be stuck on PlayStation

Like its predecessor, Deathverse: Let It Die will be playable on PC. The wacky multiplayer survival action game led with PS4 and PS5 as its only platforms, but GungHo Online and Supertrick Games confirmed a PC version in a live developer stream with Uncle Death.

A couple of weeks ago, Deathverse committed to a fall 2022 release window, after previously eying a spring launch. The delay came about in the wake of an open beta test.

“We got a lot of data from the beta,” explained game director Hideyuki Shin, “and we’re planning to make as many adjustments as we can.”

Some of the world-building vibes and close-up combat antics will feel familiar to Let It Die fans, but Deathverse has carved out a different path with 16-player Death Jamboree matches, in which participants try to stay alive long enough to duke it out in the Showdown Zone. All the while, powerful hunters can join the fray, and cryptids — including the chupacabra and jackalope — mingle with the hyperviolent contestants.

Deathverse: Let It Die victory
Weapons are important, but don’t neglect fashion.

The goal is to be bold enough to earn GP (Good Points) and power up, but not be so bold that you bite off more than you can chew and get taken out. Classic battle royale strats.

Let It Die surprisingly ended up having the right stuff — it accumulated millions of players. Whether Deathverse: Let It Die can capture lightning in a bottle again, I’m not so sure, but anything’s possible. Having the game accessible on not just PS4/PS5, but also Steam, where free-to-play audiences have a chance to really snowball, feels crucial.

If nothing else, it warms my heart to know that Uncle Death’s still a jokester.

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