Deathsmiles I & II will be blasting onto ‘multiple platforms’

Adorable mayhem

Good news for shmup fans, as City Connection has announced that anime arcade blaster Deathsmiles and its sequel, Deathsmiles II, are currently being prepped for ports on a selection of currently unknown platforms.

The announcement came this weekend during the “Famitsu x Dengeki” live stream, and sees Cave’s 2007 and 2009 arcade releases headed to modern platforms as part of Cave’s “Multiplatform expansion No. 1”, which somewhat implies more of the developer’s classic titles will be ported to said platforms in future.

The Deathsmiles games – previously available on Xbox 360 – are horizontally-oriented shmups known for their goth-lolita aesthetic and fast-paced, but approachable gameplay. Both titles are great entry points for those eager to get in on the shmup action, but not quite ready to take on the might of the Ikarugas and Image Fights of this world.

Deathsmiles and Deathsmiles II are in development for undisclosed platforms.

Deathsmiles I and II coming to additional platforms [Gematsu]

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