Dead Static Drive looks cool as hell

Hit the road and don’t look back

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Every time I run into Dead Static Drive a self-described “Grand Theft Cthulhu” I can’t help but crack a smile. This latest gameplay trailer calls to mind Tremors, so you know Team Fanclub is onto something.

The 2020 PC and Xbox One title is a cosmic horror survival adventure, meaning you can “sneak, scavenge, fight, befriend, barricade, and bunker-in or steal a car and drive off into the sunset.”

The key to a good survival experience is giving players lots of viable options and making sure there’s fun to be had in failure. Based on everything I’ve seen so far, Dead Static Drive is on the right track.

On a visual, conceptual, and even tonal level, the game leaves a lasting impression in the crowded indie field a tough feat that only seems to get tougher as the years fly by. I’m rooting for it!

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