Dead Space Wii looks ‘fantastic’ and better than it did on the Xbox

So now you know that there’s really a Dead Space Wii game. And that there really was an unfinished Dead Space Xbox game. In a recent interview, game director Glen Schofield says that the upcoming Wii version looks better than the Xbox one did.

“I’d hope so,” says Destructoid Editor-in-Chief Nick Chester. “It’s only six years later.”

Yeah, I get what Nick’s saying. But Schofield is making this game sound really good regardless of what it’s compared to:

“You should see it, he says. “It looks fantastic on the Wii. In my opinion (and others) its one of the best looking games so far on the Wii.”

And it’s not just the visuals that sound good. Schofield says that there “are new enemies, characters, story, puzzles, co-op and weapons. And yes, physics and even zero-g play a huge part in the game.”

When asked if we can expect the Wii game to look as good as the Xbox version scenes did, Schofield said “better.”

“Better, I think. It really looks freakin great. I kid you not.”

I don’t know about you all, but I’m looking forward to this game. 

[Via DShorror]

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