Dead Space Remake gets a release date for next January

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Isaac will stomp some Necromorphs again in 2023

The Dead Space team held another live stream today, talking more about the upcoming remake. And as part of the news, EA Motive confirmed the Dead Space remake now has a release date of Jan. 27, 2023.

Since the remake was announced last year, the crew at EA Motive have been steadily providing updates on their progress. The last stream, in March, was all about the audio of Dead Space. Today’s livestream went for the visual instead, focusing on the art of Dead Space.

The presentation went fairly in-depth, and showed off a bunch of the ways they’re re-tuning the original 2008 survival horror game for modern systems. It goes through Motive’s work on environments, visual effects, character models, and lighting effects. Volumetric fog sure seems like a good way to make the USG Ishimura even scarier.

A new frontier

The Dead Space remake was first revealed during last year’s EA Play Live showcase. The undertaking is being handled by EA Motive, which collaborated on Star Wars Battlefront II and developed Star Wars: Squadrons.

To its credit, Motive has been pretty open in showing off early builds of the remake and taking fans through the development process. These livestreams are usually pretty long, but also very in-depth. The studio has also responded to feedback throughout the process, like tuning the audio on the signature Plasma Cutter after fans pointed out some quirks.

Remaking a game as memorable as Dead Space is a big task, but Motive at least seems like it’s tackling things head-on, and that January 2023 release date isn’t too far away, either. Meanwhile, some of the minds behind the original Dead Space are working on their own project, The Callisto Protocol. Sci-fi survival horror is having a bit of a resurgence, and it’s hard not to be excited about it.

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