Does the Dead Space remake have a New Game Plus mode?

Dead Space

Diving back into the Ishimura

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Dead Space is back, thanks to the remake from Electronic Arts’ Motive studio. The Dead Space remake is out today, and given how replayable the original was, fans might be interested to know if there’s a New Game Plus option for the remake.

The good news is that Dead Space (2023) does have a New Game Plus mode. The option will let you carry over progress gained from your previous run through the USG Ishimura, and will add a few extra features as well. But yes, for those hoping to get more than just one clear out of Dead Space, there is an incentive to do so.

How to access New Game Plus in Dead Space (2023)

To get the New Game+ mode, you simply need to clear Dead Space on any difficulty. Once you’ve rolled credits, the game will notify you that New Game Plus has been unlocked.

It’s important to note that Dead Space will also automatically mark a cleared save file for New Game Plus, so ensure you have enough open space before you roll credits. If you’re a serial saver like me in these games, you’ll want to do this, or you might need to run the final section of Dead Space again.

Dead Space
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What carries over in Dead Space New Game Plus?

The Dead Space remake gives you a good deal of help for dealing with the necromorphs in New Game Plus. All weapons, items, credits, and upgrades will move over from playthrough to playthrough. An important note is that it seems security clearance does not carry over, so you’ll need to unlock those levels again through the story.

This mostly helps in finishing out the upgrade tree for each weapon, as you’ll have more nodes and resources to keep piling into Isaac’s arsenal. These items will be dumped into the Storage section in the Store. (Which, coincidentally, doubles as a nice way of getting that storage achievement.)

Because of the way the game plays out, my big recommendation for first-time players is to focus on upgrades for both Isaac’s suit and the Plasma Cutter. The suit is straightforward, as it makes Isaac bulkier and take less damage from hits. The Cutter, meanwhile, is your go-to sidearm. It’s pretty much always useful, and with you from the start of the game, all the way up to reaching the Store.

What’s new in New Game Plus for the Dead Space remake?

Well, a few things. First off, there’s the item carryover we already talked about. Secondly, there are new enemies, which we’ve heard referred to as “phantom” variants. If previous enemies are any indication, these should probably add a little extra challenge to the run.

Lastly, there is a new collectible. You’ll discover the first of these in the process of fixing the tram station. Collect all of them and complete a certain task, and you may even unlock an alternate ending. Although, at what cost?

Either way, it seems like there’s plenty of reason to replay the Dead Space remake. So if you’re enjoying the game and aren’t satisfied with just one credits roll, there’s ample reason to go right back in.

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