Dead Space: Extraction box art has a lady and aliens on it

Visceral Games’ Dead Space: Extraction hits this September. In order to help you find the title on the shelf easier (there is, after all, another like-titled game), we’ve provided images of the box art below in the gallery. Notice the white box. That’s your first giveaway that the title is for the Wii. Now, take notice of the feisty woman on the cover. That means, again, the game is for the Wii.

We kid, of course. All sorts of videogames have chicks on their covers. Take, for example, Final Fantasy games. We haven’t seen a male on one of those yet.

Again, we kid. In Dead Space: Extraction, you control one of four characters throughout the game. The lady on the cover of the game is certainly one of those people. There’s no marketing funny business here. Feel free to move along as if you were on rails (and surprisingly good despite it).

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