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Dead Island 2 shows off some grisly action in extended gameplay trailer

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The long road to Dead Island 2 is nearing a launch date. Ahead of that, Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver have published a new extended gameplay trailer, highlighting all the ways in which you can thin out the zombie horde in Dead Island 2.

Much like the first game, Dead Island 2 is a first-person zombie game that looks to have a similar mix of ranged and melee combat. As the player ventures through the infected streets of in-universe Los Angeles, you can see how the different systems interact.

It looks like elemental effects still play a big role, as both environmental hazards and weapon accoutrements. I mean, if you’re taking down the undead, why not add a little electricity or fire to the situation?

Dambuster also showed off a bit of its grisly dismemberment and flesh-tearing tech. It certainly looks like all the undead slaying will be gruesome, if you’re looking for that.

The dawn of the dead looms

Dead Island 2 has been in development for quite a long time, as it’s moved around dates and studios alike. Next month, though, that road seems like it will be coming to a close, as Dambuster and Deep Silver look to finally get the zombie action out the door.

And honestly, after watching today’s deep dive, I’m more intrigued than I initially expected. I played the first Dead Island and had a decent enough time with it. Where other zombie games have opted for parkour or co-op action, there was something about Dead Island‘s weapon-crafting and pseudo-RPG concepts that gave it a little bit of a different feel.

So maybe I will craft my own flaming axe of destruction and set out into “Hell-A” next month. Get acquainted with some of the Slayers you can play as in the new game here, before Dead Island hits on April 21.

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