Dead Cells update brings a new biome, monsters, and weapons

Back for more punishment

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Welp, my weekend plans are made. Motion Twin has a new update for Dead Cells that adds content (monsters, weapons, another area) and shuffles some of the existing stuff. These are the highlights:

  • A new biome: Some say it will get you nowhere but six feet under… But IF you know your way around like a dog knows its bone, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it!
  • The Island has changed quite a bit. Connections between levels aren’t necessarily the same, have fun figuring all that out again (… until the next update).
  • Two news monsters: kill first, ask questions later.
  • New weapons!
  • Many changes to the economy system: you can’t buy ALL the things now.
  • Automatic installation of a language mod in your language if one exists. You can still choose to play in English via the options.
  • Promenade got a bit more variety.
  • As usual, tons of balancing.

You can find the full patch notes over here. Weaponized boots, you guys!

If you haven’t played Dead Cells yet and you’re longing for a snappy new vania, you should strongly consider following Ray’s lead and giving this a chance. I prefer to wait on Steam Early Access games until they’re in the home stretch, but I caved, and what’s here already feels wonderful.

The “Hello Darkness” update is live for everyone! [Steam]

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